Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yamato Nadeshiko the WallFlower(Shichi Henge)

Yamato Nadeshiko the Wall Flower is our favorite Japanese anime, all of us were hurrying to go home from school, just to watch Yamato Nadeshiko, including me and the group, because it's very fun to watch it, it is a Comedy, drama, and romance anime that everyone would like, the characters are: Sunako Nakahara, The female lead, a girl whose hobby is to collect skul, next is Kyouhei Takano, He is the most popular of the foursome. He is very loud and bossy when it comes to his needs. He is a lover of food and can devour anything in seconds. One of his favorite foods is Sunako's fried shrimp. Next is, Takenaga Oda, He comes from a very wealthy family and is quite serious in nature. He is the brain and logic of the group often trying out logical strategies to make Sunako become a lady, next is, Yukishijo "Yuki" Toyama, A shy character, he is sweet and has a very loving nature. He comes from a humble family and has two younger twin siblings who made an appearance in the manga. Yuki is the most innocent of all the characters, often crying and becoming scared when he enters Sunako's room, next is, Ranmaru Morii, the playboy of the story, Ranmaru comes from a wealthy family and is an only son. He is very extroverted and a lover of older women. He has a very sexy nature and extremely high self esteem, and the last is, Naie "Noi" Kasahara, She has an unbreakable love for Takenaga and is often questioning their relationship. She is very beautiful and kind. She is the first female friend that Sunako makes, even of unwillingly.

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